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Steven C. O'Tool, Attorney at Law, P.A. in Eagan focuses on ensuring client satisfaction and achieving tangible results for those dealing with a personal injury, business or employment law matter. To ensure quality representation, we begin with an in-depth consultation to discuss your circumstances, your current legal challenge and your goals for the future. After we’ve assessed your situation, our Minnesota firm works with you to craft an effective strategy based on your circumstances and needs. Serving Minnesota clients since 1985, we not only work on resolving your current legal issues but also take steps so you can avoid any foreseeable problems in the future. In cases involving personal injury claims, business or employment law concerns, we work diligently to provide the highest levels of legal counsel and service. We strongly believe in close collaboration with our clients.

Trial experience on both sides of the aisle

The greatest advantage a trial lawyer can have is to know what is in the mind of opposing counsel. Attorney Steve O’Tool doesn’t need to read minds, because he has represented both plaintiffs and defendants, including insurers, in civil litigation matters for more than 30 years. Unlike attorneys who spend their career advocating for only one side, Steve knows from experience how opposing counsel evaluates and builds a case, the tactics they’ll employ and their bottom line with regards to a negotiated settlement. In business matters, Steve understands transactions and disputes from various viewpoints: employers and employees, contractors and subcontractors and vendors and consumers. No matter the particular legal concern, we utilize our knowledge and experience to pursue the best possible outcome.

Personal injury representation

Handling personal injury cases effectively requires skill and experience. Whether representing a victim or a defendant accused of negligence, Steve O’Tool can accurately assess the potential value of an injury claim and the steps needed to prove or disprove it. Our firm takes on various types of personal injury and wrongful death actions, including those stemming from:

If you have been hurt on the job or contracted an occupational illness, we also represent parties in Minnesota workers’ compensation claims.

Providing knowledgeable guidance on business law matters

Business leaders want to focus on serving their customers and growing their operation, not dealing with legal matters. However, sometimes hiring an accomplished attorney to assist with a business law concern is a company’s best option. Large and small businesses rely on us to represent them in commercial litigation matters and various other business disputes. We know how to deal with the unique challenges presented by construction litigation and offer insightful analysis on a wide array of complex issues.

We handle a wide range of employment law cases

Whether you’re an employee or a business, workplace problems can be a drain on your productivity and ability to earn. Our firm handles various employment law needs for individual workers, company clients and as part of our insurance defense practice. This includes litigation of discrimination claims and workers’ compensation matters on both the claimant and defense side.

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Steven C. O’Tool, Attorney at Law, P.A. handles personal injury, business law and employment matters for Minnesota clients. For an appointment, please call 651-882-1717 or contact us online. Our office is located in Eagan.