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Minnesota firm seeks compensation for victims of vehicle crashes

Approximately 20,000 people are injured annually in auto accidents on Minnesota roads. If you’re unlucky enough to be hurt in a crash, you might be dealing with serious physical and financial consequences. At Steven C. O’Tool, Attorney at Law, P.A. in Eagan, we advocate on behalf of Minnesotans who have been injured in vehicle collisions caused by others. Having represented both plaintiffs and insurance companies in car accident cases, Steve O’Tool has unique insight into these cases and relies on more than three decades of experience to help victims secure the payment they deserve.

What is involved in a Minnesota car accident case?

Minnesota does have a “no fault” auto insurance system, which means that damages associated with minor car accidents require victimized parties to file a claim with their own carrier. However, when a person suffers an injury requiring at least $4,000 in medical treatment or personal injury scarring, they have the option to sue the at-fault party directly or to file a claim with the liable driver’s insurance company. In an insurance claim or lawsuit, you can recover compensation for healthcare expenses, lost income, services that you could not perform yourself due to the injury, pain and suffering and damage to your vehicle.

What are the main causes of auto accidents in Minnesota?

Common causes of Minnesota vehicle accidents include:

  • Alcohol or drug impairment — Driving requires concentration and quick reactions. Alcohol, controlled substances, prescription medication and even some over-the-counter drugs impair a motorist’s ability to operate their vehicle safely. Even if criminal drunk-driving charges were not filed, we will investigate to see if the person who caused the crash was impaired.
  • Texting and other distractions — Looking down at a cell phone briefly or losing focus due to a different type of distraction creates a danger to everyone on the road.
  • Speeding and other traffic violations — Motorists often view speed limits and other traffic laws as nuisances, but failing to obey the rules of the road could trigger a serious crash.
  • Unsafe operation of commercial vehicles — Federal and state regulations govern the operation of commercial vehicles because of the potential threat they pose. Our firm reviews truck event data recorders, physical evidence and relevant documents to see if poor maintenance, improper cargo or a drowsy driver contributed to the accident.

Whatever led to the accident that injured you, Steve O’Tool has the skill and determination to pursue justice on your behalf.

Steps to follow after an accident

Once a car crash occurs, the most important concern should be the physical safety of you and everyone else at the scene. Contact the police and emergency medical services immediately. Once everyone’s urgent needs have been met, you can start to collect information that might be used in your legal claim. You can take pictures with your phone and get the contact information of people involved with the accident as well as any witnesses who saw what happened. In the days following the collision, reach out to the police for a copy of their report and see a doctor about your injuries even if you are not experiencing any symptoms. Contacting a qualified personal injury lawyer as soon as possible will give you the best chance to obtain the compensation you deserve.

What are common auto accident injuries?

The impact of a vehicle collision can cause numerous types of specific injuries. Our firm brings in doctors and other experts when necessary to prove our clients’ case in auto accident claims involving:

  • Bone fractures and breaks
  • Spinal and nerve damage, including paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Muscle and ligament damage
  • Burns

For these types of injuries and others, our firm gathers the necessary evidence to present the strongest argument possible in settlement negotiations and, if necessary, litigation.

Truck accidents

If you are injured in a costly accident with a commercial truck, you can expect the carrier’s insurance company to oppose your claim vigorously. Our firm understands the complex nature of truck collision claims and will investigate to find whether any trucking regulations were violated. We also utilize accident reconstruction specialists and techniques to present a persuasive case for recovery. Moreover, we know how insurers evaluate cases, what facts compel them to go to trial and what facts convince them to settle. Attorney Steve O’Tool has the ability and assets to maximize the likelihood of a favorable result.

Contact an experienced Minnesota auto accident lawyer for a consultation

Steven C. O’Tool, Attorney at Law, P.A. seeks compensation for Minnesota auto accident victims. To make an appointment for a meeting at our Eagan office, please call 651-882-1717 or contact us online.

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