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This will depend upon the nature of the injury and the nature of the accident. There are various statutes of limitation depending upon those variables.Negligence is defined as the violation of a general standard of care....what would a reasonable person do under similar circumstances. It can also mean a violation of statute.Wage loss, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, property damages, and general damages for pain and suffering.Yes. Minnesota , like most states apply a standard of comparative fault. you may be able to recover, depending upon the degree of your fault.Yes. That would be pursuant to t he Minnesota Workers Compensation Statute--Minnesota Statutes 176. This is a different process than filing a general personal injury claim. Your rights, damages and procedures are governed by this statute.A contingency fee simply means that the lawyer receives a fee only from those moneys actually recovered on your behalf. You do not pay an hourly or flat fee up front. Generally the lawyer will also be reimbursed for all expenses that have been advanced on your behalf.A wrongful death claim is filed on behalf of the family and survivors of a deceased victim of negligence.That will depend upon the circumstances and the nature of various automobile coverage that is available.